Hey Hey World...Welcome to the website. Light and Creativity is everything. I strive to create goodness and light in all situations. I began 'Ushine Ishine' to galvanize, support, engage and inspire the young people of the universe; In order for all of them to achieve their goals to the highest and happiest degree. I have always loved working with young people and so started as a volunteer mentor. I also wanted a multi-disciplined company that utilises my skill and talent as a TV Producer, Presenter and all round lover of all things creative to connect with Young people and their issues, loves and careers in the most unique way.’ Ushine Ishine is the movement and force to push Positivity everywhere!!! Yeah Yeah!


Living my life with purpose and passion. This passion is based on learning new things and sharing it with others. I take delight in good books, music, dance, film, fashion, technology, fitness and popular culture. I will always keep reaching for things that will encourage my growth, awareness and social responsibility to others.

Joy & Happiness

The best quote I ever heard is ‘LIVE LOVE’ and that is the mantra I live by everyday. Happiness is a state of mind and I try to make sure that I am self- aware that when things aren’t going so well. You can always aim to get back to my personal state of happiness. I have realized that true happiness is made-up of loving and treating others well; never dwelling on the past and always being present in the Now; whilst planning and preparing for the future. Dance to the beat of your own drum and be unique in all areas of your life. Yeah! Yeah!

The Future

Ushine Ishine is a movement that starts with you! The future starts and belongs to all of the young people of the world. I am excited about all the great things that we are going to achieve, create and experience TOGETHER! So go tell ya friend and anyone that will listen because you will need to gather up all your energy, power, heart and positivity and get ready to Shine Shine Shine!!!!


Please contact Efe for...

Ushine Ishine Mentoring Service and Motivational Seminars

  • Self Confidence
  • Public Speaking
  • Creativity
  • Media
  • Life Success
  • Plus lots more…

International Motivational and Mentoring Sessions

  • Speaking at Youth Events & Dinner Events
  • Broadcast TV Presenting
  • Festival and Events Host
  • Youth & Pop culture consultant
  • Youth programme Creator

Mentoring Classes for Youth Institutions

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • After School Clubs
  • Youth Organisations
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Young offenders’ institutes
  • Youth Charities
  • Youth Homeless Centres
  • Young people Everywhere and Anywhere